Three Of Three: Rubedo

by XP8



One year after the successful release of Adrenochrome and its follow-up remix EP, Meathead’s Lost HD, Marco Visconti and Marko Resurreccion are back and ready to unleash the Alchemy Series: three EPs planned to be released no more than six months from each other, an non-stop audio assault that will once again set aflame the alternative dancefloors worldwide with its mixture of old and new influences from the classic sounds of trance to the modern beats of EDM.

Three releases as three are the phases of the Alchemical process, said to transform the lower metals such as lead into gold, and which is nothing else but a veiled allegory of the initiatory path from man to Godhead.

The flames of the athanor burn for one last time, and will produce the rebis on February 2nd, 2015: while the candles of Imbolc will be light up, we finally reach the end of our journey with "Three of Three: Rubedo".

Rubedo is a Latin word meaning "redness" that was adopted by alchemists to define the final major stage in their magnum opus. Both gold, and the philosopher's stone were associated with the color red, as Rubedo signalled alchemical success, and the end of the great work. The symbols used in alchemical writing and art to represent this red stage can include blood, a phoenix, a rose, a crowned king, or a figure wearing red clothes.
In the framework of psychological development (especially with followers of Jungian psychology), these alchemical steps are viewed as analogous to the process of attaining individuation. In an archetypal schema, Rubedo would represent the Self archetype, and would be the culmination of the four stages, the merging of ego and Self.
The Self manifests itself in "wholeness", a point in which a person discovers their true nature.


released February 2, 2015

Written by: Marco Visconti, Marko Resurreccion.
Lyrics by: Marko Resurreccion.
Engineered,mixed and mastered by: Marko Resurreccion @ Apple+S Studios.
Artwork by: Marco Visconti and Alessandro Barbini.



all rights reserved


XP8 London, UK

we are the blood-shot eyed clique.

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Track Name: Dancing, Dying, Dreaming
Tell me oh tell me mother of mine
Have I grown to bear the sign
Of the path you drew for me
Is this the future you could see
Tell me oh tell me father of mine
Have we finally reached the time
When my eyes turn into yours
Have my days all ran their course

Dancing, dying, dreaming…

Tell me oh tell me lover of mine
Are we ready for these sights
For the light you brought to me
For this chasm wide and deep
Are we still what we once knew
What we promised that we would
Always be and always share
As we dream and dream again

Dancing, dying, dreaming…

A dream of us, a dream of now
One dream of everything we doubt
One dance to make it disappear
One death and everything is clear

Dancing, dying, dreaming…
Track Name: XP8 Is Dead
We forgave, we cut and drank
We taught revenge and dropped our masks
We burned down towns inside our heads
Listen up, XP8 is dead

We muv’d dollies, went for night runs
We dreamt of blue and tore our scars
With one true god we restart awake
Listen up, XP8 is dead
Track Name: Egotism
There’s no more road for me to run
I’ve got no more soul for you to damn
No more days to bide my time
No more fucking masks I can hide behind

The self I’ve always been
In the light I’ve never seen

There no single thing that makes me myself
I’m the beast that grows inside your head

The self I’ve always been
In the light I’ve never seen
Track Name: Your Love
Will this voice still be me once summer’s reaped its fruit
Will I see through these eyes once truth devours my soul
For I can’t help myself but doubting what it’s worth
For I can’t help destroying the only path to make me whole

Your Love

If there was such a thing as guilt in all my crimes
I knew there would be hope for this imperfect life of mine
But we deserve much more, my soul is just too sore
I can’t erase the past that lays so heavily on my heart

My Heart

In the beginning was the end
In the end was my beginning
Open the eye to a million shades of white
In the beginning was the end
In the end was my beginning
Open the eye to a million shades of white

My Heart